I spent my evening sewing a mask. Six months ago, this is not how I planned to be spending my time. By now I should just be finishing school cleanup and making sure everything is ready for next year. Right now I should be experiencing the euphoria of the end of school freedom.

Instead I’m feeling sad. Also a bit cheated out of those last days of school. It’s worse because I’m not teaching next year. I miss the kids already.

Instead of taking my kids on a springtime hike, roasting marshmallows with them over a fire, and doing science outside surrounded by spring I’ve spent the last 2 months checking homework, working at my brother’s madhouse of a bulk food store and sorting pallets of canned goods at our family cannery.

While thousands of Americans are out of a job, I have three.

I’m thankful for my jobs. Although my summer isn’t turning out remotely how I’d planned, I have nothing to complain about.

Ok, I might complain about the mask. How do I wear a mask and glasses at the same time? It doesn’t work! My glasses fog up with every breath and so I end up alternating between not wearing glasses, which makes me feel weird and half dressed, and wearing my mask under my nose which completely misses the point of wearing a mask in the first place.

I don’t know how to do it.

But that’s really not anything to complain about. We’re having church again. Sitting 6 feet apart and not having Sunday school. It feels oddly normal. Like somehow this is how it should be and I am amazed at how quickly humans adapt to new behaviors and how quickly something can be normalized. Already it feels like it would be strange to go back to before. Strange to interact with another person without any restrictions.

It’s a strange world we live in.

And of all the things that are wrong, here I am, complaining about that mask.

4 thoughts on “Of Masks and Mankind

  1. Hopefully someone who is capable of making their own masks, will come up with a design that works well with glasses. The struggle is real! Keep your sights on Heaven, where the struggle is over 🙂


  2. I totally feel for your teacher sadness. I, as well, am not teaching next year, and it just doesn’t seem fair to lose my last seven weeks with my students! I’m just hear to say that I get it. Sorry 😞


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