I think my dislike for winter fuels my love for the Chronicles of Narnia.

I never read C.S. Lewis until I was past 20, and I was hooked.

It’s just enough fantasy and imagination mixed with real-life issues to make a splendid allegory.

An allegory that can be interpreted many different ways, it’s true, but that’s probably what makes it good.

It’s also what can make them a little dangerous. Open to interpretation means open to wrong interpretation.

But I still think you should read them.

It’s quite easy to become Lucy or Edmund, or Peter or Susan and when we fight their battles and identify their enemies we end up with strategies and weapons to fight our own battles.

It’s said that C.S. Lewis meant for Children to be able to recognize Jesus because they knew Aslan first, but I think for some of us who didn’t read these as children, Aslan helps us to look past our preconceived ideas of who Jesus is, and find the truth of who he really is.

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