I don’t have the pictures yet, but I do have the story. The story of how 60 girls and their 10 counselors and 15 staff met God face to face.

Six of the girls were mine. At least it felt like they were mine. We spent four days laughing together and crying together. We ate and slept together. We prayed together. We worked and sweated together. We even got all muddy together.

And together, we saw Jesus.

You know, it’s strange, but I kept thinking of communion.

Several times throughout the week, it came over me like a rush.

This is what fellowship means. This is communion. This is Holy Ground

It’s possible to meet God in a muddy field or in the middle of a swamp.

It’s also possible to meet him in a crowd of 60 girls, all on their pj’s.

We washed each other’s feet. Quite literally.

We had spent the day in hard labour. We were hot, sweaty, and dirty. We hurried through showers and met in the large tent. And we did face scrubs and back rubs and foot soaks and it was fun and relaxing and still somehow holy.

We hadn’t known each other before. We came from all over. We came from every kind of family and background. The only thing we had to tie us all together was Jesus.

And He was enough.

/poverty loses its grip/race can no longer divide/wherever your spirit is/every darkness dies/

When the only way to accomplish something is by having the whole team come together and work in perfect harmony, we learn quickly that any differences we have are unimportant and inconsequential. It simply doesn’t matter. I need you. You need me. Neither one of us will be victorious without the other.

It’s when we realize this, deep in our hearts, that we have true communion.

We have soul-connections.

It’s a strange relationship. I feel like I know their heart cry, their hurts, their pain, and their struggles.

And I barely know their last names.

Because really, that wasn’t important.

Sometime I’ll write about what I learned about redemption. But for now, let me simply stand on Holy Ground.

[This was at Obsess. A four day intense camping experience for teenage girls. Find out more about it here]

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