We had a prayer meeting tonight. 50 people all coming together to say “Jesus, we need you. We are broken. We live in a broken world. We ask that you walk with us.”

We prayed for the family who lost 3 children in an accident. We prayed for the young man who seems to have lost his way. We prayed for the man who found out today that he has a brain tumor and we asked that a little girls adoption papers would be processed quickly. We prayed that God would give our president wisdom, and we asked him to be close to the missionaries around the world. We asked that God would be with our congregation and we asked him to be near a little guy who starts weekend visits with his birth parents this week and is about to have his unsettled life disrupted yet again….

And as I thought of these things and as I prayed I realised again. We live in a broken world.

It’s the only explanation. There is so much hurt. So much pain. So much unfairness.

I think that bothers me the most. The unfairness. Why? Why does one child have loving parents, adoring grandparents, and excited siblings while another is born to a mother with no home, no friends, and no hope? Why does one mother have twins who are healthy and another is left with empty arms?Why do I have more than I need when there are children dying of hunger…..

We live in a broken world.

We cannot fix our world, we can only come broken to the One who can.

He can. 

And that is enough. It must be enough. It is all we have. We can trust our broken world to the God who made it or we can become angry. I choose to trust.

I stepped out of prayer meeting and looked up. The sky was a sea of clouds. I looked up through the clouds to one star that shone through. I thought of hope and I thought of a little hope blossom in a tiny hospital bed not to far from here and of the family waiting for the call that the paperwork is done and they can come see their sweet blossom. And I said “this is your star, hope child, may you reach your star” 

And I thought of another girl, not to far from here, with pain in her heart and hurt in eyes and I looked up to my star and I said  “God help her find her star. Let her find peace in her brokeness”

I have no answers for this world I’m in. But I have Jesus. And so really, I do have the answer. Jesus. He is enough.


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