October has come to my mountains. Glorious October. If you’ve never been to my mountains in October, come now. You won’t regret it.

The skies are the bluest blue in my mountains, the grass the greenest green. And in October, the trees are a riot of oranges and yellows. 

Goldenrod grows in abundance in the fields along with all manner of wildflowers

Harvest time is upon us and we gather the last of the garden; squash, sweet potatoes, and herbs

We went walking this afternoon, my friend and I, and as we. wandered along the winding trail we marveled at the beauty of God’s earth. Why us, we wondered, why should we have this much beauty set before us. Why, when the world is full of pain and hurts, are we surrounded by glory? why? 

We picked persimmons. and acorns and cat tails. We jumped over the snake on the path.

She poked him with her stick because she’s that kind of friend but he only looked at us so we went on our separate ways.

We’ll never understand the “whys” of God. A God we could understand would be pointless, no longer God. And so my heart holds thankfulness. I am thankful to God. A God I will never understand. A God I do not wish to understand.


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