Today was the first day of school for our little church school. 11 children and 2 teachers. I’m teaching English, history, and spelling. Emily teaches math, reading, and science. Dad plans to come in every week or so to teach bible. I’m very excited about that. I have a hard time taking enough time for each class and he’ll be so good at it. The kids will love it.

This is our first year using desk dividers. I was a bit uncertain about how the children would feel about them but they seemed delighted to have their own little space. Paul, Sharon and I made the dividers out of 2x4s and a 20 yard roll of burlap. Since the boards were donated and I bought the burlap in bulk they only cost about $40 total. Definitely worth it to me!

You can see we have a very industrious group of students! I expect to see them all make honor roll:).

I’ll post some more classroom pictures eventually. I didn’t have time to take too many today. We did take a group photo but I left the camera at school so it’ll have to wait. 

When I got home there were 4 extra kids around. So I helped finish supper, feed the kids and wash a stack of dishes

Tonight I had a kids club meeting. (I can’t believe we’re finally starting a kids club! I have wanted to do this for probably 10 years!) The four of us met at the building to decide what supplies we need before the whole youth group comes in to clean and fix things.

Yes, that’s our building. Everything has been setting there for 10 years at least and is covered in a good quarter inch of dust. I’m thankful our youth girls aren’t squeamish and nimminy pimminy. They all see this as the adventure it is. Hooray!

We had one little visitor already. She and her dog, Mason, kept us from getting anywhere close to bored. Several other people also stopped to ask what we plan to do there, so hopefully by the time we’re ready to start we’ll also have a crew of children waiting.

And then tonight we have the most exciting event of all. My oldest brother and his wife have two brand new babies! Asher River and Allison Brooke were born about 7:30 tonight. 

For some reason, tonight I’m thinking of a meme I saw once that said “Sometimes I’m surprised by what I can do and other days I shut the car door on myself” (don’t tell anyone but I have literally done that. How is that even…)

So anyhow. I should be in bed now. School teachers should never stay up late but I think I’ll have a cup of spiced cider yet.


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