We were honored today in church,  to have uncle Sujet share his life story of growing up in Haiti. We spent the afternoon lounging all through the house. Uncle Paul arrived and Joel and Veronica left.

My brother Leon and his lovely wife invited us all to spend the evening at their lovely little haunt. 

Here’s Aaleyah with the marshmallow she roasted all by herself!

And this cake looks fairly mangled now but I was so proud of it. I actually managed to make a professional looking cake for once and it was so easy! Definitely something I’m making again. (just don’t tell mom that I used an entire pound of butter for the frosting)

Mary said once that sometimes when she’s in Haiti she thinks of our kitchen and in her mind there’s always a layer cake on a cake stand in the corner of the counter. So now I always feel like there should be one there when she comes. Unfortunately this one never made it to the corner of the counter but at least she did get the chance for a piece if she wanted it.


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