The Yoder family has rarely done anything the conventional way. We choose our own path, doing things the way we wish to, heedless of how “it’s supposed to be done”. This trait is most obvious when we get together in large groups. 

The reunion starts officially Monday evening. That didn’t stop about half the family from showing up yesterday or today. Mom’s cousin Veronica text her this morning to say that there are also going to be here for the weekend. 

Washing dishes is always a problem at every reunion. There is a rumor that a certain aunt always washes all the dishes at every reunion. This rumor was started, and seems to be spread mainly by said aunt. It is hotly denied by all other aunts in the family. This year our dish washing aunt couldn’t come. (she’s instead diligently working at a pharmacy in Haiti) We we’re all a bit uncertain as to what would happen. The remaining aunts were silent on the subject until last minute. Then they announced a plan wherein the nieces and nephews are on charge of the dishes. This turn of events has left us wishing more than ever that our dear aunt could be with us. Because the official reunion has not yet started we have yet to see how the new plan will work out. I admit I have my doubts. Not all of our cousins are exactly ambitious. To prove my point I’ll share this conversation I overheard.

cousin 1: Are you going with me to pick up Esther?

cousin 2:What are the pros and what are the cons.

cousin 1:The pros are that you get to be with me, and we’re going to middlesboro. The cons are that you have to get off the couch and walk out to the car.

cousin 2: I think the cons out weigh the pros.

You get my point. Somehow I don’t see them doing dishes. And besides that, the plan is only in effect on official reunion days. That leaves us with several days of dishes before and after. Tonight after everyone else had headed for bed, I washed the dishes. by myself. And I had to admit that in my memories there is a certain aunt who nearly always did those late night dishes. I hold her in highest regard.

Matt and Paul doing a late night Kombucha trust.  (making more dishes)

Veronica and her children pick up toys.


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