I’ve always enjoyed art in a passive sort of way. You know, it’s of course important but I really didn’t know much about it. I still don’t really but in preparing for the school year (I’ll be teaching at our Church school this year) I’ve learned a little more about art, and the great artists; this has deepened my appreciation for art and made me much more aware of the presence of art all around us.

When we planned a trip to Washington D.C. I didn’t really think about art. I had always viewed D.C. as a very historical place; I love history but I was delighted with the art that I found there as well.

This is in the capitol building

We had a delightful guide who told us the stories of the artists who did these paintings.

This painting underneath the dome portrays George Washington and flanked by honor and virtue and surrounded by 13 angels symbolizing the original 13 states

I was just as delighted by this 2 inch painting my brother purchased from a street artist outside the natural history museum. Definitely worth the $5.00 he paid for it. Art is valuable no matter how small.


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