Today was good. Very good. But it was also one of those days when you’re not exactly sure how you managed to do everything and still have some bored moments in between.

That’s larry and Joel drinking their morning coffee

Mom’s cousin Veronica and her family were here for brunch, along with grandma and grandpa. Larry stopped in to relieve a case of ‘fear of missing out’ aka FOMA

We we’re just finishing up brunch when Bert got a call from Matt who said “hey, I kinda bought this house”. We had all thought Matt was safely sleeping in his room. Turns out, he went to an auction and bought a house. Good for him.

katelynn playing house
Four little boys wishing desperately that I would relent and let them get into the water

We are having family meetings at our church this week. The couples session was this afternoon so I was left with 5 little boys and one little girl and Sharon left to take care of some more kids.

And tonight was the youth session. Very interesting.

in church
The girls class. That’s Maya, looking at the camera. Isn’t she pretty?

And after that we had the youth group and all the ministers and visitors here for supper. And afterwards, when everyone left, I found my phone and this:

brother bert and cousin josh

And approximately 50 pictures like this:

hi josh!

Now I agree that Josh is quite handsome but I’m not sure what to do with 50 pictures of him, so I’ll share this one with you.


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