Sometimes friends teach you big things. Sometimes they teach you small things that turn out to be big things after all.

Growing up we didn’t do cookouts much. Not that we wouldn’t have liked to sit around the fire it just wasn’t something we thought to do. We sat around the fire when we went camping every other year or so.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart ~ Winnie the Pooh

And then we met Mennos. They moved to our church about 5 years ago and they’ve blessed us in many big and small ways, but the big small way was campfires.

When you go to Mennos house, they’ll take you out through a backyard spilling with flowers to a ring of rocks. They build a fire in the circle and then bring out chairs and marshmallows and we sit together and eat s’mores and talk about the important things in our lives. Fires have a way of bringing us back to what’s really important. That makes fires important.

Today if you come visit us, you might have a similar experience. We love campfires, we’d love to introduce you to their simplicity and complexity.

People change you. Often in ways they may not even realize. Tonight I’m thankful for campfires and I’m thankful for friends who add dimension to my life.

What are some small big things you’ve learned lately?


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