Now I like onions, on a sandwich, in a salad, onion rings, and French onion soup. I LOVE French onion soup. I also like onion relish. I am not, however, quite as fond of making onion relish.
Our family operates a small cannery, The Relish Barn. We make all sorts of pickles and relishes.For the most part we make things as they’re ordered, except onion relish.
Every summer dad takes a trip to Georgia with a big truck loaded with empty bins, and comes back with the bins full of onions. 8,000 lbs of onions, and yes, we peel every one of those onions by hand.
It takes about a week, usually, to turn those onions into jars of relish. The whole family gets involved. Dad pays the kids so much per 5 gallon bucket of onions peeled and they always start in eagerly, glad for some extra spending money. It fades some, of course, but they’re pretty determined kids. It turns into something of a fun event. We turn on some music or Adventures in Odyssey or play guessing games while we work. We order sandwiches or pizza and it’s fun. Well, as fun as peeling onions can be.
And no, we don’t cry, not much anyhow. I guess maybe because we grew up doing it, or because Vidalia onions are mild and sweet, I don’t really know why but we do very little crying.
So yeah, I’m a little tired of onions right now but I have to admit, I kinda like onion week, and when this week is over, I’ll look forward to next year


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