I don’t remember the first time I read it, nor do I have any idea how many times I’ve read it. I do that with books I like. The really great books. The good ones I read all the way through, the ok ones I skim, and the bad ones, I read the back cover.


There aren’t very many that I read over and over. There are so many other ones to read. But sometimes you meet a book that you can’t absorb in just one reading, so you read it again.

And sometimes again.

Stepping Heavenward is like that. I become Katy. She becomes me. I learn life with her, and life is good and hard and funny and terrible all mixed up together. That speaks to me. It’s real. Life is never easily explained or smooth and perfect. Not my life anyhow. That’s why I like Katy, that’s why you would like her, because she’s real. Not real as in “it actually happened” it didn’t. But then it did, because her story is, I believe, at it’s heart, the story of every girl.
My copy is old and tattered. Well-loved. It was well-loved even before I got it. I’ve given probably at least a dozen copies of this book to other girls but I haven’t gotten a new one for me. Old friends are always better.


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