We don’t do it very often, maybe about once a year, maybe a little oftener, but we do it. Mom and we girls get up early, pile into the van and head for Kingsport. It takes about an hour to get there which is a good thing because it takes us about that long to wake up. We stopped halfway there for coffee. None of us girls are avid shoppers, much to mom’s dismay. Mom is the queen of yard saling. She loves to get up early and traverse winding roads in search of a bargain. She passed on the love of bargains but – getting up early? curvy roads? not that. We go sometimes, to oblige her and because we do like the bargains, it’s just this slightly edgy thing were all of a sudden we are tired of the heat and getting in and out of the van and someone needs a bathroom and everyone is hungry, and we know it’s time to stop. Thrift stores are so much better, they are always at the same place and you learn very quickly which ones are good and which ones aren’t.

We ended the day with a grand Aldi shopping spree and got home about 7. Hungry, thirsty and tired. My prize of the day was an authentic Thai sari wrap. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with it but it’s majorly cool. Unfortunately our day wasn’t over yet because we had a youth volleyball game to attend. We had some good games (unusual for us, lol) and planned the youth trip. The gentlemen had bought pizza for supper. They even got some new kinds! hooray for them!


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