There’s nothing quite as exciting as an entire day stretched in front of you with nothing the HAS to be done. There is plenty, to do, mind you, but I can do it this Saturday or next Saturday or the next, or I can just leave it undone and maybe someone else will do it and maybe they won’t. Nothing major will happen either way. That’s why I like Saturday. They aren’t all like that of course, but some of them are. that’s the magic of it – never knowing when the next one will come.

Today started like that. I slept late and then made a cheesecake for Father’s day tomorrow. We ate brunch together and then did the dishes. That’s when mom got a message from sulley. Now Sulley is not my mom’s sister, nor my dad’s sister. She is not a sister-in-law to any of them either but she is definitely our aunt. No one seems quite sure how she attained this status and she has been part of the family for so long that we rarely think to even wonder. She lives in Lancaster with another of mom’s sisters and today she was on the way to Georgia. She discovered, after she had started the journey, that the road to Georgia takes her not terribly far from us, so she decided to swing by for supper and the night. Meanwhile Sharon and I were picking blueberries in our tiny orchard, enjoying the sunshine and the berries. (they go together well) when bert came by and announced that he has had a grand idea indeed. We listened skeptically. He had been mowing the bank across the road and apparently he didn’t have enough on his mind and the creek bank looked cool and inviting but it was when he saw the (relatively) flat area across the creek that it hit him. That would be a perfect picnic area! Now we already have a picnic area behind our house but it’s out in the broad sunlight and we end up using it only in spring and fall because it’s just to hot in the summer. So bert finishes his mowing and found us in the blueberry patch. “we can build a bridge across the creek and chop down the weeds and it won’t be hard at all” he explained
“I would just like to say” I said, slightly irritated and amused at the same time, “that I had that exact idea a year or so ago and everyone thought it was a bad idea then”
he chuckled a bit and said “well it’s a good idea now!”

And since it was a good idea and because it was Saturday we followed him over the road and through the creek where we stood and surveyed our canvas.

It was Sharon who realized it first “you know, she said, we never out grew our Indian village era. We just have bigger projects now.”

We laughed. It was true. We love the rush of a new project and we normally start in without planning first. We did it again. Bert left to get boards for the bridge. Paul started chopping weeds. Sharon and I went to clean Grandma’s house. We did it cheerfully and even picked her peas for her, then we set up tables at the fellowship hall and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for supper. Mom had invited grandpa’s and the siblings too so when we came home we dug and cooked potatoes, made broccoli and cauliflower salad, mixed up hamburgers, folded laundry and washed dishes before we managed to escape and see what the menfolk had accomplished. Sulley got there in time to test the bridge with us. It shakes a little when you walk across but it’s a beautiful bridge and leads to a beautiful area across the water. There’s still a lot of work to be done and we have lots of big ideas (like maybe strings of solar lights in the trees or a swimming hole in the creek or maybe a cute cabinet/counter so we dont have to take a table across) but it’s coming along nicely. There’s only one problem. It isn’t our land. Now no one lives on this land and quite frankly we don’t even know for sure who owns it but hey, we only made improvements so if they do notice, they really shouldn’t complain

Oh and the flower? Freddy brought it to me, which was very sweet of him. Or at least it sounds sweet. Except for the fact that Freddy is a dog


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