I heard a wise man speak and he said “I want the things that are outside my comfort zone to be inside my children’s comfort zone” He spoke in the context of evangelism but I’ve remembered his words ever since. Courageous words they are. I wonder if he stopped to realize that in order to accomplish this he will need to live most of his life outside his (so-called) comfort zone.
A friend of mine said

“I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid of not living”

I am a cautious person and a bit of an introvert but I try to make trying new things a habit that comes naturally, this means that my siblings send up a communal groan when we’re looking for a place to eat and I dare to say “let’s try something new!” they don’t fall for the exclamation anymore, sometimes they even say it before I do. (although generally they’re making fun of me, not being serious) but I’ve never regretted trying new food. No I don’t love all of it but I’ve honestly never had anything that was so horrible I couldn’t eat it and some of my favorite foods I discovered in the last few years. Last week I tried bubble tea and Thai rolled ice cream for the first time. Both were delicious.
But it’s more than food, it means going to new places; Haiti, El Salvador, Belize, Trying new hobbies; floral arranging, candle making, gardening, bird watching, cake decorating, painting, I’ve tried them all.
Even within a hobby I can get stuck, so maybe I shouldn’t read ONLY classics and sometimes I can write poetry but maybe I can switch it up a bit and write an essay or a fiction story or any genre that is a bit hard for me.
I’ve discovered that all of the meaningful, memorable, interesting, and exciting things in my life have one common theme. They started when I stepped out of my comfort zone. It’s a good thing, a spiritual thing really, we cannot comfortably love our enemies or let our light shine. These things require courage.

Be courageous, you’ll not regret it.


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