This land is my land, /this land is your land,
/From California to the New York islands,/
/From the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters,/
/This land was made for you and me……/

I spent the last week at Shenandoah Christian Music camp in Harrisonburg VA, and while I enjoyed my time there, there really is no place like home. I never feel quite at home, though, until I’ve slipped into my boots climbed one of the lovely hills behind our house, over the neighbour’s fence and stood to view my mountains.

Ahh, then I know I’m home.

I chose the big one to the south today. It goes up at an approximately 45 degree angle or a bit steeper. You may want to hang on to the trees. Sharon and I did the slow and steady thing, admiring the almost ripe blackberries. Loren walked circles around us chattering about lemurs, (he’d like to release some on our mountain) dolphins, (scientists found intact dolphin skeletons in a rainforest) and his life goals (he plans to be an explorer). We slipped under the fence close to the top while humming

“As I was climbing the hills around me/I saw a sign that read ‘no trespassing’/but on the other side/it didn’t say nothing/that side was made for you and me.”


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