Being traditional Anabaptist nonresisent kind of people, we don’t traditionally celebrate memorial day, but being home-business sensible type of people we also realize that everyone expects us to be closed on memorial day so we might as well be.

There was much discussion last night and this morning about what we could do in our free day. Somehow, someone decided Cumberland Falls would be a good idea. We’ve all been there before, although for some of us it’s been close to 10 years, so it seemed like a good idea. We didn’t take into account that 1000 other people would also consider it a good idea. The falls was swollen dramatically thanks to all the recent rainstorms and would have been an awesome sight but for all the heads in the way and the drama of the old man who dropped his cane over the railing and the handsome young man who rescued it. I was proud of him, although I had no right to share his glory, except by right of being a human being or fellow American citizen. I love to see someone do a kind deed just because they can.

We didn’t stay at the falls long, thanks to the crowds, and moved on to the picnic area which was still full but a bit more private because if the hills, rocks and trees separating the tables. Mom had packed a picnic lunch; sandwiches, veggies, deviled eggs, watermelon, and garden tea. We ate among family stories and gales of laughter, glad to be alive and together.
We drive the winding roads home with the windows open singing old family favorites; “This land is my land”, “Going home with Jesus”, “Yes I am”, and because it was Memorial day after all, “The star spangled banner”.

It was a good day for ice cream so we ended the day at Dairy Queen. The whole family around one table, pretending to be a normal American family celebrating Memorial day with ice cream and love


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