We started out early and cheerfully this morning, in spite of the not-so-nice hotel, and the store we went to today turned out to be my favorite of all of them. Country Breeze Market is a combination bulk food store, deli, bakery, produce market, and greenhouse. I was most impressed by the produce selection, they have a wide variety of fruits and veggies and all of it looked fresh and beautiful. The deli features cold or hot subs, fresh chopped salads and toasties (aka paninis) The workers were friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel right at home, not to mention they also gave us free cookies and doughnuts. Anyone who does that gets instant brownie points from me. I must say a word about the yogurt. In the cooler they have a stack of single serve cups of Stoltzfus Dairy Yogurt. I do not praise yogurt lightly but that is some of the absolute best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. I had the maple flavored which is sweetened exclusively with pure maple syrup. I love the maple flavor but even more I love the purity of the ingredient list on this product.
This afternoon Mr overseer let us know that this is our last day on the job. Being geographically challenged, we at first assumed that we wouldn’t have time to travel home tonight but the GPS said 6 hours and 30 minutes, the store closes at 4 on Saturdays so we decided to do it. Our current arrival time is 11:00 but it’ll be a little later because we want a taste of chick-fil-a at some point. It would surprise our friends to know that we have driven the majority of the time in silence, I slept for awhile… We only stopped once, at a seedy looking gas station close to Roanoke. The kind of place where they mostly sells cheap beer and all the trash cans are overflowing. It’s raining now, and we drive along content with our thoughts, happy to be in our beautiful Virginia once more, happy to be going home.


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