We have spent the last two days simply wandering. Yesterday was our day to travel to Lancaster but since we had driven for awhile the evening before, we were there by lunch time.

Thanks to Aunt Rachel’s recommendation we took our van to Hurst Garage for the oil change we needed. When we got there they had just left for lunch so we decided to get lunch as well. Ed had never been to Lancaster before and there are several things you must do if it is your first time in the Lancaster area. One of those is eating at Yoder’s restaurant, so that’s where we went for lunch. We hadn’t had breakfast (we got up to late and missed the free hotel breakfast) so we were HUNGRY! Yoder’s has an awesome buffet with good home cooked food and we filled up. My only complaint about this place is that their bread pudding is cold. I love bread pudding and cold bread pudding is simply a crime. One should simply not be allowed to serve such a thing. I have been craving real bread pudding ever since. We returned to Hursts and they changed our oil very quickly and efficiently while we took a stroll up the road and then sat in the shade and watched them test drive the vehicles and drive vans and buses back and forth.

From there we set out to Aunt Rachel’s. She and Marissa welcomed us with lemonade and hot scones, we played on the swing set with the winner and made sandwiches for a picnic supper at the church next door. It has a big parking lot for them to ride their bikes on and a pavilion that Rachel, ed, and I sat under to watch them. Once darkness set in we meandered back up the road to her house. Ed had never seen the “babies” movie so we all piled on the floor to watch that before we left for the hotel. We were told that we don’t have a store to go to the next day again……. it is Ascension day and apparently Amish and Mennonite stores are all closed.
We slept in again this morning, although not quite so long. We had no interest in missing breakfast again! We had a very leisurely breakfast. surprisingly good too, for a hotel breakfast. I had an English muffin with bacon and eggs, and some yogurt and of course coffee.
Thankfully there was a laundromat close by and we were in definite need of it. Ed decided to go wash the van while I watch the laundry but she was back in about 5 minutes because the car wash was closed for some reason. Next we went to Wal-Mart for some essentials and then went looking for thrift stores. we spent quite a bit of time in the big reuzit in New Holland and by then we had some slight hunger pangs again so we headed for Fox Creamery in Clay. They are similar to Lapp Valley Farms but have other food too. (besides ice cream) It was a rainy day so we ordered cups of cheddar leek soup that was amazing and then ice cream. Ed got a two scoop cup and I got the sampler, which was supposed to be a mini scoop of 4 different kinds but the scoops weren’t very mini and I almost couldn’t get it all down but it was so good I couldn’t just let it melt either! I had a scoop of Wilbur chocolate, a scoop of Key lime pie, one of salted caramel pretzel and one of brown butter almond. They were all delicious in their own way but the brown butter almond was by far my favorite. The almonds were slivered and candied and the brown butter flavor was heavy, the ice cream thick and rich and it was definitely worth the price. Unfortunately clay book store which is next door was closed due to ascension day so we missed out on that. We were a bit tired and tired of rain and wandering so we decided to find a hotel but the cheap hotels were in Lancaster city and we wanted to eat Spanish food in Ephrata for supper so upon consideration we decided to get papuses to go and then we can eat them whenever we want. We found the lovely little “La Promesa” and Ed had a right good time chattering with the little lady who is from El Salvador. I was left out in the cold, not knowing Spanish, so I was left to observe the two college guys who were eating empanadas and attempting to strengthen their relationship. Their mixture of politeness and casualness totally amused me. After about 15 minutes of Spanish chatter we had our papuses and horchata (which, unlike the horchata I once attempted to make at home, was delicious) Finding a motel that was cheap enough but good enough proved to be a challenge but once again we ended up at a Quality Inn. They seem to be the thing for some reason. We were nicely settled in by 5:30 so we spent our evening lounging and writing and eating papuses, being thankful that we agree as to the temperature of the room. Ed is possibly the only person in my life who doesn’t insist on freezing me out. We also may or may not have watched several episodes of Pride and Prejudice. Ed is being good now and reading her bible and I think I should probably follow her example


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