We started our day in a lovely store in New York. I liked almost everything about it except that the shelves were a bit to empty for my liking. I just hate when stores look empty. Stores are supposed to be full and piled with stuff but they did very brisk business all day and we gave away quite a bit of coffee while we watched the workers scurry back and forth. They were mostly amish and the amish girls were very friendly. The two guys who worked there were friendly to customers but not very friendly to us. lol. I thought Ed should ask the older guy if he would wanna work at the home but she was to shy so we left him happily managing the store (I hope) There were also several old order Mennonite girls who worked in the bakery. Ed and I had to go in there several times to get water or wash things and they always stopped their work and stare at us, if we tried to talk to them they would just smile and nod and not say anything so we thought maybe they don’t understand English.

I was most intrigued by the stack of painted cheeseboxes in the store but since I couldn’t possibly pay $20 for a cheesebox I’m going to try to make my own. I’m pretty sure I can if I do a silhouette like that. Or I could paint it with chalkboard paint and decorate it with chalk markers. Endless possibilities!!! So now I have a plain cheesebox riding in the back of the van. I only paid $3 for it and it works well to keep my other purchases in it. I’m afraid I shall end up with a very random collection because we go to so many different stores.
We packed up about 4:30 and headed out because we thought we’d need to be in lancaster by tomorrow morning. We drove along country roads looking for a restroom. Apparently it isn’t the custom to have restrooms in gas stations in New York (actually not in stores either, the big new store we were in today just had an outhouse outside) We tried several with no success and finally when we were on the edge of desperation we found a Sunoco that actually had a restroom! small and dirty as it may have been, I am forever indebted to Sunoco.

We drove for several hours before we heard from our overseer, and then he said that since it’s so far (over 5 hours) he didn’t arrange for us to be at a store tomorrow so…

We’re over halfway there already though so I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow. I don’t think it will be a problem. Ed has never been to lancaster so she’ll enjoy exploring and maybe we can go to Lapp Valley and get ice cream or go to clay book store for a load of literature. Or we could just visit random little shops or we could go to hershey chocolate world. I’m sure we’ll stop in and see Aunt Rachel, my aunt that is, and we need to change the oil in the van. I have a feeling the day will go fast

For right now we’re enjoying our drive down a very empty road, eating nut thins and chicken salad and chunks of warm cheese (ed says we eat weird food, she should see what Sharon and I eat when we travel) listening to praise and worship and imagining the possibilities


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